Advertise the forum

This forum has come to a halting stop. The stats show this:

  • In the past 30 days, 1 user has created a new account.
  • In the past 30 days, only 6 topics have been created.
  • In the past week, only 5 people have viewed the forum in their account.

We can’t keep a forum running with only 5 MAU. To fix this problem, we have to advertise the forum.

Possible advertisements:

Discord Ads

Discord servers like welcome advertisements have a decent amount of roblox/lua developers. We could try advertising the forum there in order to get more members.

  • Free, with paid options available.
  • A dedicated channel for game related ads


  • Less effective, probably will only get us a few more active members, even with constant ads
  • Only discord users would see the ad, and a lot of people don’t use discord.
Roblox ads

We could also use Roblox’s Ad system to grow the forum. We could create a group and have the group ranks correspond to the forum ranks.

  • Decently effective, you can spend around 200 Robux and get about 80 members in your group.
  • Extremely targeted. Roblox developer’s will see this, and join the group(if interested).


  • User’s who join the group may not join the forum, and we may have to have the link in something like a twitter account, or discord server.
  • Costs a decent amount of money to create a group with ranks, and make a ad that is appealing to user’s.
Google ads

Now, chances are, google ads isn’t going to be the route we go(assuming that we even advertise the forum). It’s an option though, and it’s certainly decent.

  • Extremely easy to setup. Add the link, pay the money, and basically, done.
  • Targeted thanks to google selling search data. We could probably get a lot of lua/luau users to join the forum/

Hopefully, we at least get some new users no matter what path we take.

Note: Have any ideas on ad services? Reply and leave them below.

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I also dislike the lack of activity but advertising is a complicated route.

Here’s the facts:

  1. The advertising platform will most definitely be Roblox
  2. As you mentioned, creating a group with roles and an ad will be costly, and I do not have any idea of what the budget will be
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Yea. Honestly, any budget under 5K is not going to get us far, especially spending tons of robux on a group and roles, and then the ad it self.

The bigger problem:
How will we direct users to this forum?
We could set up a Twitter account and pin the link from there, or have a discord server, or YT acc, ETC. The main issue is we can’t directly link the site, which will cause problems.

Either way, the fact is, we need the forum advertised, or it will stay dead. We have to do something, and fast.

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This forum is dead because there’s no reason to use it. This is just a DevForum on a lower budget. The DevForum is also official, and overall has way more content. No amount of advertising will get this forum active when we can just use the DevForum.


You could call that a second reason, but even if this had a purpose to use, if no one can find the site it would still be dead.

They do need to work on that though. They need to make more reasons to use this forum, other than maybe less off-topic?

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Advertising the forum isn’t going to work. This forum has a bad reputation and the owner has literally abandoned it. I don’t want to advertise, but I think people will end up moving to DevSource or just continue using DevForum. I rarely ever check into LuaHub now tbh

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Honestly, I find any forum(including this forum and devsource) useless as the devforum is the better version of it.

Regarding the “bad press” about this forum, the people seeing the ad most likely wouldn’t know about it, and thus would possibly join.

But yea, this forum has nothing more to offer, and will be, forever dead, because as you said, the forum owner abandoned it.