Forum Bugs Mega-Thread

Hey! If you have experienced a bug on the forum, feel free to write it here in the following copy-paste format so we know what to look for.

**Bug Title**
Bug Description

Thank you all for helping improve LuaHub!

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Even though staff has already been notified I thought I might as well post the bug here as well.

Group icons don’t show up on light mode
Self-explanatory. Logos on light mode don’t show up, but they do in dark mode.
Light mode:

As you can see both the programmer group and the builder group have missing icons.
Dark mode:

This isn’t the case for dark mode however. All logos correctly show up in their designated positions. Have confirmed this on PC, iPad, and phone. Exact same output for all three devices.

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This probably means some of the logos might be transparent instead of white?

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Could be. Maybe they could reupload the logos with white and see what happens. Either way, I use light mode a lot and want this fixed :pleading_face:


@Crcoli737 Read above ^

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Sorry I broke my foot yesterday :disappointed: and I haven’t gotten a chance to read this.


Aw I hope it heals fast :frowning:

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