I'm resigning

Hey there, it’s been a month or so of me moderating LuaHub however I am resigning today.

I’m resigning for many reasons. This forum has had bad press recently and I do not want to be associated with a forum that has bad press which some users of the forum did make it worse [just to be clear, don’t hate on anyone and non of the people who pointed out issues made it worse]. This forum also does not need me as a moderator right now, we’ve already got many members of a moderation team that works great, I will be staying as a regular here and I’ll only be using it for communication to people and occasionally making posts. I don’t really see point in using a forum that is essentially a DevForum clone, just one ran by the community. I also don’t want to have to deal with people who try to IP grab moderators. I also don’t want to have to be constantly making sure that I’m logging in to a forum that was dead a week ago.

I also want to clear a couple of things.


As far as I know, this user was not made to make the post [and I wish they didn’t make it as this forum has gained yet more bad press from it] and I was not made to apologise to people and I didn’t realise it was soliciting, and I’m sorry about that. I can honestly say @Crcoli737 never told me to make that DM which I was trying to apologise through.

Moderators do have access to your IP at the moment and the current set of moderators are not controlled by any moderator guidelines and they was not asked for any experience of moderating in the past [at least in my case].

If you need to make me clarify anything else then fire some questions at me.

I want to wish you all a great day, and remember the staff team are trying to do the right things but the forum is just a start-up at the moment.

Thanks, GamersInternational


I wonder why you closed it @Crcoli737, I want it open anyways so users can give me some uplifting messages maybe or ask me some questions :smiley:

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I closed it as I figured it wasn’t a discussion thread but I was wrong so I reopened it.