Make clear rules

Currently, there are around 40 active members on this forum. There is no clear way to find the rules, making it hard to distinguish a post violating the TOS to a post the isn’t against the TOS. I suggest making explicitly clear rules in a post in #announcements.
Format(just a idea):

Rule [X] [insert name here]

[Rule description]


Rule 1 No spam

Duplicate topics and topics that have been covered multiple times will be taken down.

Return to broken rules matrix

Example of broken rules matrix:

| Rule  | Punishment |
| ----------- | ----------- |
| Global rule 1  | Warning |
| SF1 | Warning |
| Global rule 2| Ban |

(Note: if it’s a category rule it would be the category alias and then the rule number. Example: SF1 would be site feedback rule 1.)

This would be very beneficial to the forum and allow it to grow even more.

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Yeah, I definitely think we need to get working on this.

[@Crcoli737 ping]

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Certainly. Currently I can spam ping people or duplicate topics without being officially punished as there are no set rules and punishments. It depends on the mod on how harsh they punish the person. Moderator chosen punishments are ok when the forum is small(like now) but when it grows set punishments and rules are 100% needed, and there is no reason to not have rules right now.


Yeah, moderator guidelines and actual rules are highly needed. I’m pretty sure I’m going to resign from being a mod anyways, already written a resignation letter, just waiting for @Crcoli737 to approve me to leave the mod position

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