Require account verifications for users TL2+

Currently, there is no account verification for users. This means I can create an account under any [User]name and pretend to be them.

If you made it so people over the rank of TL2 had to verify their accounts, the impersonation risks would go down slightly.

How it would work

Option A:
User A is trust level 2 and must verify their account. They can DM a mod, and they will give them a code to set their desc to. When their desc is set to the code they get a verification badge and get let into the verified group.
Option B:
The user goes to a verification game, is given code(a discord webhook saves the code to a channel) and when the user sets their luahub desc to their code a mod would enter them in the correct groups and would be given the right badge.


Absolutely, I just joined DevSource and I’d prefer to see a system on LuaHub where you’d have to leave verification of your identity

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We’ll start implementing Scenario A as soon as I get approval.

(cc @Crcoli737 : like this if you agree)

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