Solved - Customise ToS and Privacy Policy

One of the biggest criticisms of the previous forum was an uncustomised ToS and Privacy Policy. This same issue seems to have not been fixed on this new forum and instead the admins (I could edit it but it’s not my place to do it) have completely ignored this issue and hasn’t done anything to tackle this. People get confused by the Terms of Service as it does not give a clear indication when the forum was created. Was it 2018? 2019? 2020? 2021?

We need to fix this issue if the forum is going to be taken seriously (along with my previous feedback). This forum isn’t going to grow if we don’t tackle these simple issues.


I’m sorry but I have to bump this. DO IT PLEASE. I can’t stand seeing this when I look at the TOS:

Also customize these:


Bump it as much as you want. These are serious issues that need to be fixed. I’m not that bothered about the Bulletin Board stuff but should still be resolved.

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I updated the Privacy Policy.


Changes requested in the post has been applied.